Through the eyes of a child…

Being born and raised in Holbox is like winning the lottery…
The people of Holbox really enjoy their island and in turn transmit this to their children, who are always glowing with happiness under the Holbox sun… But the island is changing, as is the rest of the world. Thus, it is important that these youngsters – who have never experienced the virgin beaches of Holbox, the dark nights without electricity and the abundance of pure water wells – understand the precious value of their island’s natural environment.

Many projects have been put into place to promote environmental awareness among the younger generations. As a result, we can sometimes see children picking up garbage, recycling plastic, protecting birds, etc.
We met a group of kids who pick up garbage from the streets every week and attend recycling art workshops, all organized by Paulina Urbina, owner of the restaurant La Chilanguita in Holbox. These creative youngsters, who care deeply for their island, shared a few thoughts with us:

Holbox Guide – What worries you about the environment?
“That animals die because of our pollution.” Karla Moguel, 12 years-old
 “That plastic takes too long to disintegrate, it goes in the sea and the fish eat it.” Valentina Marai, 12 years-old
 “That we run out of water.” Valentina Sabatini, 12 years-old
 “ That the smoke and the gas from cars, motorcycles and boats also contaminate.” Diego Rodolfo, 7 years-old

HG – Besides picking up garbage, what do you do to protect your island?
“I put the garbage where it belongs and separate it.” DR
“I save electricity by turning everything off when I don’t use it and use the air conditioning at a minimum.” KM
“I save water by always turning off the tap when I scrub the dishes or brush my teeth.” VS
“I use my bicycle or walk whenever I can.” VM

HG – What would be your advice to new people arriving in Holbox so they know how to take care of the island?
“To separate the garbage and put it in the garbage bins.” VM
“To always refill a water bottle instead of buying new ones.” DR
“To walk or use a bicycle as much as possible.” KM
“To respect the animals and the fish.” VS

HG – Why do you pick up garbage from the streets?

All together: “For the well-being of Holbox!”

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