Ñañas, The fisherman.

-The fisherman has no shoes, has bad taste, but knows great times

Don Emir Campos, better known as Ñañas, is one of the most beloved characters of Holbox Island, this peculiar fisherman is also a composer and a musician, as well as an experienced “weather man”.

Fish or no fish cast your longline.
Brave, master of the longline, bait and net, he became an orphan at a very early age and started to work in shark fishing boats, to became a sailor of several offshore fishing vessels later in life.

This naughty fisherman and his band the “Hot Bananas” brought joy to the island with their songs, by playing at all of the island’s and surroundings festivities, with the mischievousness of the legendary song “El hombre pescador“, (The Fisherman), that is currently sung in almost every fishing village of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Don Emir Campos / Foto by: Emiley Campos

When Cuba laughed …
Ñañas found his musical influences on the Cuban radio. His melodious legacy, comes from a trip to get guitar strings at Tizimin, Yuc., Where his mind began to write the lyrics and rhymes -inspired by his personal experiences, which now has become the official party anthem of the island, the best excuse to dance and enjoy this song while its played by local bands. Today, there’s not a party at Holbox where his song “The fisherman” isn’t played.

Don Emir “Ñañas” can be found at his palapa on the beach, where he warmly welcomes the island’s visitors.

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